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Brad Madgwick aka Bradamundi

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Brad is an experienced Bushman who grew from an early age living off the land hunting, fishing and learning about bush foods and medicines with plants. His knowledge has been passed onto guides he has trained with the business and then onto customers during tours, thus making for an educational tour and the best way to see wildlife.

Brad is well respected by many of Australia's wildlife and marine experts. Brad keeps in regular contact with many people who are widely regarded as Australia's leading experts on Toxic Sea creatures Jellyfish, Turtle experts, Frog researchers, Marine Bioligists and Lifeguards at Palm Cove so therefore Brad has a vast amount of knowledge on Australian Flora and Fauna. Brad is an avid adventurer and explorer in Far North Queensland in his spare time. You will see in social media outlets mentioned above why he is the best person to guide you on a fantastic adventure with Palm Cove Watersports.


We are the original kayak tour company based in Palm Cove established over 35 years ago

Many of our customers keep coming back year after year some of whom have been out on tour with us 5 times

Due to our location being so close to Haycock Reef and Double Island we can do shorter tours and cover more distance in our tour times eg. Our 2hr tour takes another company 3hrs to do the same distance back to location of where tours departed from

We provide our customers with all safety equipment on tours such as Life Jackets Reef Boots (so you dont cut feet on corals and rocks)

We have an impeccable safety history - Our customers safety is our highest priority just ask locals and Palm Cove Lifeguards

We come highly recommended

Our Double kayaks have never capsized thats why we use them they are extremely stable

We don't believe in doing "Downwinders". If the weather conditions are that rough that kayaks need to be picked up at another location during tour rather than making it back to where we started from then we know its not going to be an enjoyable tour for customers and they won't see any wildlife on that type of tour due to strong winds and rough seas and likely to be unsafe in those conditions that other companies call "Downwinders"

We supply light refreshments on tours

We don't push or influence our customers to write our reviews like other companies

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